Aviso - Defined


n, pl avisos

1.    Noun, information, advice, intelligence; derivative of the Spanish word avisar, meaning “to advise.”

2.    Noun, term adopted by the French and Portuguese navies to refer to smaller, agile warships providing intelligence and other dispatches;  now used generally to include smaller combat-capable warships that typically have roles in anti-submarine warfare and coastal defense.

Aviso Legal - Well-Defined to Meet Your Company's Needs

Advice and Information

Whether your legal department is non-existent, small, or growing, obtaining appropriate and timely legal advice is vital.  Aviso Legal can help.  Let our experienced attorneys be a consistent resource for you and your in-house legal team to effectively and efficiently back fill gaps in coverage and address legal matters as they arise so that you and your team can focus on your business’s ultimate goals.  

Aviso Legal Group is perfectly positioned to partner with you so that no important legal matter – large or small – goes unaddressed.

Litigation Expertise

As your business develops and grows, seas may quickly change and legal disputes are inevitable.  When a business dispute arises, complex or otherwise, call on Aviso Legal and dispatch a winning combination of “big firm” sophistication and “small firm” efficient, personalized attention.

We prosecute and defend cases diligently, effectively, and always with an eye towards creative and cost-effective strategies to most quickly resolve disputes advantageously for our clients.