Significant Contract Disputes

Defended oil and gas company against an effort by its former attorney to collect millions of dollars in attorneys’ fees and costs in connection with legal services allegedly provided to the company.  Following a two-week arbitration, the arbitrator found in favor of Linda’s client on all counts, and awarded to her client its attorney’s fees and costs to defend against the suit.

Defended leading engineering construction company in litigation initiated by subcontractor arising out of U.S. war effort in Afghanistan where subcontractor sought upwards of $12 million on various breach of contract claims. Successfully eliminated more than $10 million of the claims via summary judgment and other pre-trial proceedings.  Subcontractor later voluntarily dismissed remaining claims without settlement.

Defended pharmaceutical companies in dispute over technology license agreement, including a claim that $30 million in royalties was due and payable by Linda’s client. After a one-week arbitration, the arbitrator ruled in favor of Linda’s clients, finding that the petitioner was not entitled to $30 million in royalties.

Represented home builder in breach of contract case in which the home builder asserted that the defendant-school board had breached a contract by refusing to open a school funded by the home builder and which was intended to service the home builder’s residential development.  Following a two-week arbitration, the arbitrator ruled entirely in favor of the home builder, granting all relief sought and awarding home builder 100% of the legal fees it incurred in connection with the action.

Defended pharmaceutical company in lawsuit initiated by the inventor of eye care technology underlying a patent licensed to the company.  The inventor sought up to $15 million in damages.  Obtained dismissal of inventor’s claims, with prejudice, on summary judgment.

Represented pharmaceutical company in a series of breach of contract cases over the failure of certain business owners to pay for products purchased and received.  Obtained awards for entire amount of contractual damages due, as well as 100% of legal fees incurred by the client in connection with these cases.

Real Estate Disputes

Defended real estate investment company in dispute involving certain commercial properties owned by the company.  The plaintiff recorded a lis pendens over the properties in an effort to prevent Linda’s clients from completing a sale of the properties to a third party.  Successfully expunged the lis pendens, which paved the way for the completion of the sale to the third party.

Represented entertainment company in a dispute involving a commercial property in which Linda’s client, a third party, was a tenant with an option to purchase the property.  The plaintiff in the action recorded a lis pendens over the property in an effort to prevent Linda’s client from purchasing it.  Moved to intervene in the action and to expunge the lis pendens.  Before the motion was heard, the plaintiff voluntarily withdrew the lis pendens, and Linda’s client completed the purchase of the property.

Merger and Acquisition Litigation

Defended pharmaceutical company in litigation in both the Delaware Court of Chancery and the California Superior Court arising out of its acquisition of another pharmaceutical company.  Defeated plaintiffs' attempts to obtain expedited proceedings in Delaware and California to enjoin the merger vote.  Afterwards, both the Delaware and California plaintiffs dismissed their complaints, with no settlements.

Defended technology company in litigation in both the Delaware Court of Chancery and the California Superior Court arising out of its acquisition of another technology company.  Successfully resolved both actions — via summary judgment in the California action and voluntary dismissal of the Delaware action without settlement. 

Defended coffee company and its Board of Directors in litigation in the California Superior Court arising out of the sale of the coffee company to another coffee company.  Defeated motion for preliminary injunction and expedited discovery brought by the plaintiff.

White Collar Crime

Represented major U.S. Bank targeted in a federal grand jury investigation into alleged money laundering and Bank Secrecy Act violations for failure to report suspicious transactions.  A Deferred Prosecution Agreement was negotiated with DOJ and all regulatory actions were simultaneously resolved.

Represented one of the country's largest publicly traded proprietary school companies in a nationwide federal criminal and SEC investigation alleging fraudulent student recruitment and financial aid practices.  DOJ declined prosecution, and the SEC closed its investigation without action.